I'm interested in
lots of things.

People, including art forgers, publishing visionaries, and bumblebee defenders; food, including rhubarb, grape salad, and whatever it is Americans say French kids eat. I also emcee, host, and lecture. I grew up in New York City and live in and love Minneapolis.

I write
about it all.

My book, Drink This: Wine Made Simple, actually does. I'm a critic and feature writer for Mpls.St.Paul Magazine; I’m a travel and feature writer for Delta Sky. I’ve written for Gourmet, Saveur, Bon Appétit, Experience Life, and Food & Wine. I have a CBS radio show, Off the Menu. I write fiction and win prizes. I won a Loft McKnight for my fiction. I’ve racked up five James Beard Awards, and 13 nominations. Want to find me? I’m on Twitter and Facebook, and if you want to come along on the surprising caper that is my life, I want you with me.